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Do you think men have very different orgasmic experiences at the rugby club?

There’s huge diversity and watching the after the match rugger cumm videos on your site, I’m struck by the number of different ways rugby men ejaculate their cumm. There’s guys that just casually shoot like a supersoaker, there’s intense dribblers. there’s stoic masturbators who just kind of grunt and grin, and dudes that seem to […]

Armpit Lovers cock washing

some manly scents

I am one who doesn’t like cologne or deodorant on a man. I think men are at their sexiest when they have had some time to develop some manly scents in their pits(which I love to lick), and yes, even their crotch scents can really turn me on. I didn’t discover the pleasure of sniffing […]

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The Secret Life of Dicks N Dudes

You’re great, Seb, in that you’re promoting enjoyment free of fear! How do you feel about a man’s need for contact with male flesh? Same in the Shearing Sheds, mate. The backrub sessions after showers at night are always nude & finish with 69 or mutual masturbation. The married blokes are the hungriest for dick! […]

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the sin of self-pollution

In 1716, Dr. Balthazar Bekker published a pamphlet in London on the “heinous sin” of “self-pollution” entitled Onania, which warned that “self-abuse” would lead to: Disturbances of the stomach and digestion, loss of appetite or ravenous hunger, vomiting, nausea, weakening of the organs of breathing, coughing, hoarseness, paralysis, weakening of the organ of generation to the point […]