hetero in my sexual orientation

I  have been happily married for many years now. I need some advice and am not sure who to talk to. Even though hetero in my sexual orientation, sometimes. I fantasise about having my cock sucked and also trying to suck an old mans huge cock. Is this normal?…How do you suggest I explore sucking … Read morehetero in my sexual orientation

I’m straight

I read this article with great interest. I am a man who considers myself to be essentially 100% str8 but I have slept with lots of men and have recently been seeing a man in a full-blown relationship.

When I say I am str8 I mean that I am not physically attracted to men at all. However I am ‘sexually‘ attracted to men. I dumped my last girlfriend (I have usually had two relationships at once – with a man and a woman) because my male lover satisfied me more. I am openly ‘bi-sexual’ but no one understands if I tell them I’m str8 but sometimes prefer gay sex.

For me being adventurous and having relaxed fun with sex is more important than someone’s gender. I will look back here in a short while to see if anyone has identified with this. Thanks for the article.

Hey man i know i can relate in the opposite sense, im commonly referred to as gay cause i guess sometimes i can act that way. But gender doesn’t bother me when it comes to sexual activity. Guys sometimes turn me on but I have never tried with a girl so have no idea what one is capable of in the bedroom…Will

old cocksucker has sucked well over 20,000 cocks

I’m an old cocksucker who’s sucked well over 20,000 cocks in my long cocksucking life. I’ve been sucking cocks for well over 50 years and I still suck at least one cock each day, sometimes as many as 12 men a good day. Several thousand of those cocks I sucked off on camera for the … Read moreold cocksucker has sucked well over 20,000 cocks

another man’s cock

It’s certainly not what you would discuss with your mates down the pub on a Saturday night. But I am very aware that in reality it’s a lot more common than most str8 men would care to admit. For most str8 men it’s something they think of while masturbating, or having sex. It remains a very private fantasy. Others will experiment, they will occasionally feel a real need to have physical contact with another man, or simply to touch another man’s cock. 

Some men are very disturbed by this tiny part of their sexuality and it becomes a very big issue for them. These men often become very loud, very homophobic. So the next time you hear some guy shouting about “queers” and all that, don’t be too harsh on him just smile and politely tell him you understand what his problem is.

To tell us about your cock experiences please leave a comment below.


Straight Men’s Gay Fantasies

I’m only temporarily curious every now and then, about once every couple of months for one night, but as a straight guy i have many sexual fantasies that include men, and sometime i dream about being with many men like about 10 of different races, diff size cocks, all of which i would like to taste as they take turns cumming in my mouth on my face and feel their hot cum squirt all over my naked body and my mouth/throat even my never-been-penetrated asshole.

i want a guy behind me fucking my ass, a guy in front of me with his cock deep in my mouth and a big dick in each of my hands and the rest of the cocks just rubbing any place on my body-so basically i want to have an orgy with about 20 guys, or just be with one guy, and take turns making them orgasm several times each and feel and taste the cock juice after i lick every one of them’s balls then suck,fuck,suck,stroke-stroke,and suck the cum from out their balls- up thru their penis and squirt out thier dicks-hole, thats it, then go into the next room filled with 20 naked women and eat their pussys and fuck them all , then the 20 guys come in the room, they each pick a female and let her suck him off so they all cum inside the womens mouths, then the women come over to me with a mouthfull of semen and we make out for a few minutes till theirs no cum left in their mouths. Jay-T

Straight guys do have fantasies with a homoerotic element, more have them than don’t. That’s why double penetration porn is a thing. That’s why the circle jerk is a thing. Interesting is when you look at PornHub stats about how many men identify as straight, but wander over to the gay videos. There’s one frot video where the comments section summarizes this phenomenon. Jon

When is Porn Art?

we live in a society where a mainstream movie about people murdering each other on the street is one of this weeks top grossing films . its a vile and disturbing film yet it is being openly advertised on tv. yet we are taught that porn is dirty and shameful. some porn is art. as … Read moreWhen is Porn Art?

41 year old divorced bi curious man

My fantasy is to fully loose my mansex virginity. I am a 41 year old divorced bi curious man interested in taking/being a male lover. I’ve never been in a gay bar but like the prospects of being able to check out other guys and see what type of guys might approach me without the … Read more41 year old divorced bi curious man

How do you suck a penis

How to suck a penis by Enjoy yourself. The first step is to enjoy it! You take him by your hand and stroke him softly, watching his eyes and his expression. Notice where you are touching when his eyes light up, or he catches his breath. Then start with your tongue, licking him all over. … Read moreHow do you suck a penis


Tantra has a great lesson for cock suckers. It’s called Tantric Mouth Congress. When, holding the man’s lingam with his hand, and placing it between his lips, he moves about his mouth, it is called the ‘nominal congress’. When, covering the end of the lingam with his fingers collected together like the bud of a … Read moreCHAPTER IX OF THE AUPARISHTAKA

deepthroating myself

straight men who secretly suck cock

This is a master class for cocksuckers, as it clearly shows how a man would suck his own cock, if he could. Blessed Bi/curiusity is the new sexuality. Watch this amazing young man deep throating and sucking his own cock and shooting a huge load of spunk in his mouth.

I can suck and deep throat my own cock and it feels so good to cum in my own mouth and eat my cum , I can get deep to my balls it took a while to get that far but when you want blow job and no one around it is fantastic. Ron

miracle of my shishna

My harry shishna (tantric cock) is wonderful, slides back in your mouth on the pull back, you tighten up as it massages your tonsils and on the down stroke gives you such a satisfying penetration as your body slowly relaxes again on every stroke and surrenders to the miracle of my shishna. Made in heaven, you’ll … Read moremiracle of my shishna

Cocksuckers United

Look directly into his eyes. Gradually move your eyes down his body. When you arrive at his cock kneel down and get yourself right beside it. Look directly at his beauty. Tell him how much you want to gently kiss his cock. Rub the tops of his legs very firmly as you breathe gently on his cock. Stick your tongue out and beg. Please is a good word. Lick gently all over his manhood. Keep rubbing the energy at the tops of his legs. Let your hands dance. Come on push that fucking energy all over his body. Suddenly plunge your mouth on his cock. Tighten your lips, DO NOT USE YOUR TEETH! Now take your mouth, his cock and all the energy that goes with that combination on a journey. On an adventure. Don’t be boring. The object is not to take too much cock in your mouth, the object is to pleasure your mouth. Always cover your teeth with your lips. Keep telling yourself how wonderful you feel with that magnificent cock in your mouth.

 I see cocksucking as truly a form of ultimate WORSHIP — not only of the Godhead cock, but the balls as well. The ultimate is the holy seed which should never be blasphemed by allowing a single drop to escape being ingested by the worshipper — and on NO OCCASION should any of it be allowed to hit the flor/street/alley or even the bed. OU were chosen to receive this precious gift and it should be treated with the utmost respect — no matter how “trashy” or elegant the circumstance of the offering. Paul James

In addition to sucking his cock, I take big long laps at his balls with my wet tongue and juggle them in my mouth too. When sucking his head, I tease his slit with my tongue – tickling and flicking at it and trying to insert my tongue in his slit. Anthony

I relish it…start out slow and worship every inch. It’s not just a pleasure to suck dick…it’s a privilege! I think that every time I’m between a guy’s legs: it’s SUCH an emotional sacrifice for a guy to submit his cock. I honour his commitment edwards_the_confessor

“I treat a dick like god: the Supreme Good. The man who’s offering his cock is my Brother; we are bonded in nature’s dance, he gifting, me receiving. There is no imbalance, no power, simply Truth: his cock is His Cock, The Cock, The Way and The Light and The Truth. To have GodCock in my mouth is to know peace and love; to seek His pleasure is my privilege. I am a servant of The Most High. Cock is my purpose. I cannot imagine a higher calling”. C. Evanston size9

During our session from time to time I remove his cock from my mouth and rub the tip of his cock all over my face. It drives him crazy and almost always gets him to cum. Patric

Every woman ( or guy ) should think of sucking a cock as an art form instead of as foreplay. Pay close attention to his movements and sounds let those things dictate what you do. Don’t just make him cum, make him beg to release his load into your mouth. And always let a little semen run down your chin, I guess it is a power thing for him to know, that he can give you more then you can handle. laura4u

Tantric Brojobs

When you catch god’s cock

in your hand and, shaping

your lips to an ‘O’, lays them lightly to its tip,

moving your head in tiny circles,

this first step is called “Nimitta” (Touching).

great thick fat cocks outdoors 2Next, grasping god’s head in your hand,

you clamp your lips tightly about the shaft,

first on one side then the other,

taking great care that your teeth don’t hurt god:

this is “Parshvatoddashta” (Fluttering at the Sides).


Now you takes the head of god

gently between your lips,

by turns pressing, kissing it tenderly

and pulling at its soft skin:

this is “Bahiha-samdansha” (the Outer Pincers).


If next you allow god to slide

completely into your mouth

and press god firmly between your lips,

holding a moment before pulling away,

it is “Antaha-samdansha” (the Inner Pincers).

cocksucker authentic 2 5
When, taking god in your hand

and making your lips very round,

you press fierce kisses along its whole length,

sucking as you would at your lower lip,

it is called “Chumbitaka” (Kissing).

authentic cocksuckers 67If, while kissing, you let your tongue

flick all over god

and then, pointing it, strikes repeatedly

at the sensitive glans-tip,

it becomes “Parimrshtaka” (Striking at the Tip).

And now, fired by passion, you takes

God deep into your mouth,

pulling upon it and sucking as vigorously

as though you were sucking clean a mango-stone:

this is “Amrachushita” (Sucking a Mango).

gif-tantric-mouthWhen you sense that his orgasm

is imminent you swallow up the whole penis,

sucking and working upon it

with lips and tongue until you spend:

this is “Sangara” (Swallowed Whole)

If the pair of you lie side by side,

facing opposite ways,

and kiss each other’s secret parts

using the fifteen techniques described above,

it is known as “Kakila” (The Crow),

cock sucking vintage