more patient and creative with getting to orgasm

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Sri Lankan Shishna Massage

GP writes about his male massage experiences in Sri Lanka

 I was on a 14 day trip to Sri Lanka in 2010 – 7 days on the beach and 7 days touring the cultural triangle. We arrived at a hotel in Habanara about 5pm to visit the sites the next day; it was a nice modern hotel but as it was out of season, and earily very quiet. The journey from our beach base had been quite hard – 4.5 hours in a minibus so I checked into my room and prepared to have a nap before dinner. In the room was a leaflet detailing the massages and ayervedic health treatments available. As i had two hours to kill, I thought a nice relaxing massage would help ease some of the muscle tension from all that coach travel. I wandered down to the bar area and asked the barman – the only member of staff around – if it was possible to book a massage. He asked when and I said now if possible, seeing as there were so few guests in the hotel. He flashed me a smile, picked up the phone and I presumed was calling for one of the girls from the beauty spa to come and collect me. Instead, another guy turned up in uniform and took over his bar duties. He said follow me and led me to the hut where massages were conducted. The guy was dark skinned, had a smile to die for, and was bigger built than most Sri Lankans but not an ounce of fat on him. He casually said “strip”, threw a towel at me, told me to sit down and then disappeared. I nervously did and it seemed like ages before he returned.


He came back in the room and said get on the massage table face down quite forcibly, which surprised me and then put on the radio which was tuned to a local station. So much for relaxing whale music then, I thought. No sooner had my face hit the surface of the massage table he tugged at the towel which he’d told me to wrap myself in. I was left exposed and felt a mixture of vulnerability given this was my first massage experience, excitement, and eager anticipation. He started chatting to me which I hated – either you do a relaxing massage or we can have a chat in the bar. But then he said so are you married? I said no and he replied are you looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend? This completely threw me off track as Sri Lankan culture is quite reserved and all I managed to mutter was maybe. I then berated myself for saying something so meaningless! But the next thing I knew he was applying massage oil along the backs of my legs, buttocks letting it drip between my crack. His strong hands then started to massage in the oil and almost immediately as his hands rubbed up my legs he let a thumb linger near my crack. I knew then this was not going to be your average massage. I was so worked up within minutes that I almost came on the spot as he firmly yet softly explored my calves, buttocks and and then he slowly and delicately touched my sack on the down stroke.


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I was already in heaven and thought to myself, I’m not going to see the guy again so go with the flow and just enjoy it. He moved up to my back and shoulders and it was there that I glimpsed the outline of a massive cock through his loose white linen trousers. I was tempted to grab it but resisted. The massage of the shoulders and back wasn’t that great to be honest – almost a token gesture – and luckily he moved back around the table and focused on the my legs and buttocks again. By this time I was so hard I thought I’d explode. Suddenly his long strokes turned much shorter as he zeroed in on my crack. Before I knew what was going on he was probing my willing hole with his fingers with one hand and had somehow pulled my stiff cock down and was massaging it with my balls. It was when he pushed and touched my prostate that I let out a huge groan and he instructed me to turn over. I did and all British reserve had gone now. I didnt care I was butt naked with the biggest hard on I had ever had and was oozing pre-cum. He pushed my legs apart and made me bend my knees as he focused again on my prostate whilst gently massing the tip of my cock. By now I was in oblivion and he expertly continued to massage the cock with one hand and gently stimulate my prostrate with the other.


After probably 10 minutes of the exquisite sensations, I suddenly started to tense as I could feel I was going to come. Despite willing myself to hold on, I knew it was futile and so for the next 30 seconds I just enjoyed the growing sense of joy. He continued to work on me yet at the same time moved around the side of the table and his cock was exposed, rigid, close to my chest. Inevitably I came, more than I had ever done before, and the spunk hit my chin and cheeks. Amazingly, as I did, so did he all over my chest without anyone even touching it. He disappeared after for about 10 minutes as I composed myself and then re-emerged. Matter of factly he asked was the massage any good. I smiled and he beamed back at me. I didn’t make dinner that night. After wanking myself off twice reliving the whole exoctic experience I slept for 10 hours. We left the next morning, and the staff lined up to bid us farewell. I hardly acknowledged the barman/masseur but am sure I saw a swelling in his trousers, and vowed to return another year. I have had a few male massages since, but none have come anywhere near to this experience. By GP

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The Great : Outdoors

How many a generous rain has poured,
so that the sea could scatter pearls!
How many a sun of blessing has shone,
so that clouds and seas might learn generosity!

naked workman outdoors

The sunbeams of Wisdom struck the soil,
so that earth might receive seed:
the soil is faithful to its trust
whatever you sow, you reap.

great outdoors wanker 7

The soil’s faithfulness comes from that Faithful One,
since the Sun of Justice shines on it.

Until springtime brings the touch of God,
the earth doesn’t reveal her secrets.

[Mathnawi I: 501-511, tr. Kabir & Camille Helminski, The Rumi Daybook]

Hindu and Buddist Genital Massage

Budgie Smuggler bulge

I went to Indonesia a few years ago and was staying with friends on Bali. It is a mixture of Hindu and Buddist which is a very uninhibited culture. I needed a haircut and found a hairdresser on the edge of the tourist area of town. I said I wanted a haircut and the very good looking handsome hairdresser suggested a massage which is common there.

I could see as soon as I walked in he had eyed me up thoroughly. I was resistant at first as I had things to do later but mostly because I suspected he might be hoping for a bit more than a massage and I knew with the slightest provocation I would get aroused. I had had massages before on Bali by girls on the beach however and they were very pleasant and relaxing. In that culture there is a sort of obligation on Western tourist to buy services because they won’t take direct charity and are quite proud and honest as part of their faith. I was in a dilemma also because there had been a bomb recently that had virtually stopped the Australian tourist trade that they largely depend on.

Against my better judgement, mainly because I had a boyfriend at home, I decided to risk it. I was led through to a small room with a proper massage table made ready with towels. I was left alone while he went to get some oil and more towels. I undressed to my rather bright stylish boxer shorts and got on the table face down trying to control myself and thinking once he just settles into the massage I should be ok even though I was randy as hell and fancied him rotten. He came back in and announced forcefully “less underwear”. I felt I had to oblige as I could not really get up and get dressed again. I slid off my boxers and half turned away from him to put them down with my clothes, but he came to that side ant took them from me. He hung them up by the waistband on a fairly high wall hook that assumed an almost ominous symbolic presence like a pendant or trophy above us. He started off working on my back and arms then predictably down my spine over my buttocks and pushed between my legs almost making me easy myself up from the table. I started to get hard as he firmly slid one hand then the other quite unnecessarily over by testicles and touched my penis. I was getting hard but was determined to defy him and keep control.

I was quite relieved when he then started on my legs and tried to persuade myself he knew I was getting aroused so was leaving me alone to recover as it were. All too soon his strong hands worked up the inside of my thigh and mercilessly pushed against my genitals. I tried not to enjoy it or squirm but it was very hard to think of anything else. I wished he would stop but also hoped he would not. After some more normal massaging again he curtly announced I was to turn over and left me as he went to the far end of the room into a separate sink area. I niavely tried to persuade myself he was giving me a chance to compose myself again before the next onslaught and sort of pretending it was a necessary part of the process for him to touch me and he was resigned to the fact it sometimes resulted in arousal.


I had just turned around and wiped away a bed of clear precum. I was hoping a few minutes without my penis pressing on the towel might just be enough to get it limp again. He came straight back and resumed sliding hands everywhere again but now I was fully erect and had totally given up saving my dignity. He shamelessly deliberately brushed against it as he reached over me and gently bumped it with his arms. It was so unreal lying in that little room with my penis bobbing up and down in excitement while he pretended all was normal. I said “I am sorry it has a mind of its own”. He said “you are a strong man it is normal”. I thought well only normal if a gorgeous bronze black haired guy with beautiful eyes and a lovely smile squeezes and strokes my penis and testicles! He asked when I last had sex and I said well actually had an encounter of sorts last week. He said sex on Bali is just like food. he came up to me and started to stroke and fondle my cock stroking the head through my foreskin. He said do you want me to help you. I could hardly say no and though a wank was safe enough. After a while I wanted to touch his and felt his white trousers where I could feel him aroused inside his pants. He helped me get it out. we had the most delicious mutal wank and came together. He went to get wet clothes to clean us up. I immediately got another erection. He said 2you are a strong man” again.

I liked that because I am not well built so he meant it in a sort of psychological sexual way. He wanked me again and I came again. It is the only time in my life I recall getting stiff again immediately and cuming twice. He told me afterwards he did not do it often but found me very attractive. he said some old guys get stiff with him hoping he will but he just ignores them but can see it in their pants. I thought to myself “Oh so they get to keep their pants on do they!”. he was obviously on a mission since I went through his door. After I had just paid the standard charge a tropical storm rained outside and he bid me wait until it passed. He was sitting and i was standing when he put his hand up the leg of my shorts, inside my boxers and started to feel me again. Luckily the rain stopped soon and I made my exscape feeling the thrill of it afterwards. I went back once after and it all happened again but was slightly less thrilling as I was not in denial that anything would happen but on the other hand the thrill of anticipation was also fantastic. I can tell you about another Bali experience another time.

Naked Masculine Muscled Jock

Naked – he lay, Masculine – he smelled, Muscled – he bulged. Dark hair – the signature of his manliness I stood over his broad-back. The muscles clearly relaxed but outlined under his dark hair I warmed my hands with a hot towe,l Before applying it over his back from shoulders to hips. His naked buttocks – relaxed, but … Read moreNaked Masculine Muscled Jock