video 4 hands lingam massage workshop

I once had a 4 handed tantric massage by well trained masseurs. The genital and anal aspects of the massage were amazing! I had never been touched like that before. It was arousing and erotic while actual sex wasn’t part of it. I would love to experience that over and over and learn how to give a tantric massage myself. Anon

Class notes and video instruction 4 hands lingam massage workshop.

4 (Lingam Massage) Class

Men Only Tantric Massage Training

For me Tantric Male Massage is an art. We need to practice our art and the best way to practice is to get paid. This hands-on practical workshop will be encouraged to develop your own erotic energy ritual, your own magickal tantric male massage. This one day workshop will guide you to success. Come and … Read moreMen Only Tantric Massage Training

Bathing the Phallus

Bathing the phallus is a tantric ritual act of purification, preparing it to become the vehicle of the indwelling deity. This may be done as a ritual oblation or by tongue-bathing.  The essential nature or condition of being a god; divinity. College Guys On Masturbation

Tantric Masseur/Prostate Masseur Required in SoCal

Hello Mr. Cox, I’m a bisexual single man living in Southern California. The reason I’m writing to you is to see if you know a Tantric Masseur/Prostate Masseur here in SoCal that I can visit, I would like to have that kind of experience with a skilled Masseur, as myself I’ve had only a few … Read moreTantric Masseur/Prostate Masseur Required in SoCal

Spinning Your Sex Chakra

Orange is the colour of your sex chakra, which is located in the area just above your cock. It is also called the sacral chakra. This chakra represents all your goodness. This is the chakra that emanates all your positive energy.

Close your eyes and think of the colour orange. Place your hand on your belly just above your cock with your thumb facing your belly button. As you breath deeply let your hand vibrate so that your cock starts to dance. Gradually increase the vigour of your vibrations, so that your cock goes from a slow waltz to a more traditional cock dance.

Take huge big deep breathes. Gradually moving your thumb above your belly button without actually touching it. Continue to vibrate, from gentle to vigorous. Spinning the sex chakra, is a great way to begin your wanking ritual, as it enlightens your sexual energy.

Sex Chakra – Orange. Orange is the colour of your sex chakra, which is located above your cock. This chakra represents all your goodness. This is the chakra that eliminates all your positive energy. Orange. Orange is the colour of your sex chakra,

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Stop Using Tantra as an Excuse for Your Abuse

In recent years I have notice a huge rise in the number of Professional Tantrikas including BDSM in their offerings. So lets be clear about what BDSM actually is, Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. How can that have anything to do with Tantra? Recomended further reading

Light Blue Tantra

Let your light bi blue, Throat Chakra – Emanate your knowledge, without giving it away for free. The fact that you are new to tantra means it’s time to communicate your wisdom

Use that to judge who you connect with, who you communicate with. Place a closed fist just below your neck and vibrate your wisdom. Happy Days. Spinning the light blue chakra The throat chakra is the fifth chakra and its colour is blue. It is one the three primary colors. The main energy of blue is communication and it is the color used to soothe the holy sole. Explore this Divine colour in depth, Place your joined hands close below your throat, and vibrate as vigorously as you, please.

Online Tantra Lovemaking for Couples

Tantra Lovemaking for Couples: 130 minutes of video by Margot Anand, Nik Douglas, Charles and Caroline Muir, David Ramsdale, Robert Frey, Lori Grace, and Suzie Heumann. This explicit course challenges couples to evolve their sex and intimacy skills. Tantric masters from Marin and Maui teach this erotic practice. Click here to buy the class
This course on Tantric and Taoist erotic arts includes video teaching from the foremost Tantra teachers of our time, explicit demonstrations, and an extensive workbook to guide your erotic practice. Techniques are demonstrated by five attractive couples who have mastered and now teach Tantric and Taoist sexual enhancement skills. The teachings in the course, valuable for all adults, are especially well suited for lovers in their 40’s and 50’s who wish to expand their lovemaking to new realms of intimacy and pleasure. Click here to buy the class

This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction.

In this video class you can learn about:

• Extending and expanding sexual orgasm
• Freeing the female orgasm
• Yogic ejaculatory control
• Using breath to build and control sexual energy
• Full body and valley orgasm
• Awakening the Saspandana (female G-spot)
• Ancient techniques of Imsak, Kabbazah, and Karezza
• The use of ritual in lovemaking
• The ancient Tantric philosophy of Sacred Sexual relationship

Instructors Include: Margot Anand, Nik Douglas, Charles and Caroline Muir, David Ramsdale, Robert Frey, Lori Grace, and Suzie Heumann. Click here to buy the class

Class Format: 120 minutes of video plus a special online workbook created for this course by Suzie Heumann of Eight chapters of specific instruction include a course overview, lesson plans, practice guidelines, solo and couple Tantra practices, rituals, personal inquiries, and suggestions on topics for intimate dialogue with your beloved. Click here to buy the class

Women who can only orgasm while being spit roasted

On my tantric journey I have meet two women who told me that they could only orgasm while being spit roasted. One older women told me that the first time she actually had an orgasm was when she was 50 years old at a swingers party in London while being pleasured by two younger men. … Read moreWomen who can only orgasm while being spit roasted

boat of myself

In a boat down a fast running creek,

it feels like trees on the bank

are rushing by. What seems

to be changing around us

is rather the speed of our craft leaving this world.

The mystery does not get clearer by repeating the question

nor is it bought with going to amazing places.

Until you’ve kept your eyes

and your wanting still for fifty ears,

you don’t begin to cross over from confusion.

A secret turning in us

makes the universe turn.

Head unaware of feet,

and feet head. Neither cares.

They keep turning.

Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,

no light and no land anywhere,

cloudcover thick. I try to stay

just above the surface, yet I’m already under

and living within the ocean.

Is Edging Bad for Men’s Sexual Health
Being gay is a blessing…

TanricK Magick

Seb, Your website is amazing and very interesting. I have learnt a lot in just reading through the letters and correspondence. Sex is a very powerful language and if you are into the tantric arts even more so. I am a practitioner of Tai Chi ( Taoist ) and have had the most amazing sex … Read moreTanricK Magick