inhearting the family schlong…

I cant forget buying my first jock strap, went out for football and to this day i cant get it out of my mind, the, all those asses and most of the senior guys,who were already larger then most. My cousin was on the team and had the bigget cock on the team, he told me I was next in line to start inhearting the family schlong. by the time i hit my late teens i was getting embarrassted my cock was twice as big as my mates. well it did take me a few years to except how big it got along with my balls, since then i became aware that being hung runs in our family, uncles and cousins, etc anyway today i still wear a jock strap most of the time. now that my balls are larger then most,and living in the heat lets them drop. I still think its the sexiest thing to walk in a locker room and see a big hard ass on a ball player. Im married with 4 kids, one boy and i think iam going to pass the family prize on to him, a true story from a once inscent italian guy. Anthony

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