my first male anal orgasm by Osman

Yesterday I experienced my first male anal orgasm, it was the most intense climax of my life and I want to shout about it from the rooftops. Hence me looking for more information today on the internet, and ending up on this site. Every man should experience this, at least once.

My Little Tony

Interesting site you have here. I came across it a half hour ago and have been reading everything. I’ve wondered about male anal orgasm before, but couldn’t find much info. I am straight, but I’ve always enjoyed anal stimulation. I haven’t been with many women who had an interest in it, either giving or receiving, so it’s been something that I explored on my own. At one point, I had a nice dildo that a girlfriend had left at my place.

I played with that when I had the chance, but it wasnt here for long before she retrieved it. I was close to an orgasm once with that thing, but I had a slight elbow injury a the time and had to stop. I’m thinking about letting a guy fuck me, but I dont want it to be all lovey dovey or anything because that would turn me off. I’m not attracted to men, I just want to be fucked. My question is, what would gay/bi guys think about that? I would need to find a mostly straight acting guy that just wanted to get to it. Have any suggestions (other than the obvious safety concerns)?

Mr Cox Replies : For many men getting fucked is their very best therapy. It has nothing to do with being gay bi or str8 . Everyman should at least once in his life experience a cock in his arse. I am basically a fucker but on the one time I have been fucked I learned a lot about fucking, it made me a better fucker. Before this experience I considered myself to be the best fucker in the world. Butt after my experience I realised I simply hadn’t got a fucking clue. I’ve since discovered that fucking men is a very sacred intimate art. It’s not just about techniques, it’s more importantly about intention. I used to be a professional fucker. My intention was always very clear to make the man feel absolutely amazing, on both a physical and spiritual level.

13 questions for solosexual men

Are you a man who prefers to have sex with yourself rather that the more traditional partnered sex? Describe one of your solosexual sessions. What are the advantages of solosex? Are the orgasms and ejaculations that you can achieve from solosex far beyond what you can achieve when some-one else is involved? What are your favourite … Read more13 questions for solosexual men

Anal orgasm

I came across your site and have been reading everything. I’ve wondered about male anal orgasm before, but couldnt find much info. I am straight, but I’ve always enjoyed anal stimulation. I haven’t been with many women who had an interest in it, either giving or receiving, so it’s been something that I explored on … Read moreAnal orgasm

enjoy your arse

I often wonder why it’s so taboo. Your arse is a very important and special part of your body. You should spend as much time exploring and looking after this part of your body as you do any other part. A healthy arse is an indicator of the health of the rest of your body.

You probably remember from your biology lessons at school that the arse is the external opening of the rectum. There are two muscle rings called sphincters surrounding the arse opening. They work independently. If you insert a well lubricated finger about one half-inch inside your arse and then press your finger against the side, you can clearly feel the two sphincter muscles. They are very close to each other. The external sphincter is just like the muscles in your arm. You can control it. It’s easy to tense and relax this sphincter whenever you want. The internal sphincter is different. This muscle is involuntary just like the muscles that make your heart beat. You cannot control it, but gentle massage of this sphincter certainly sends a very pleasurable signal to your brain.

How you choose to look after and enjoy your arse is obviously up to you. The following are some suggestions.


Cleaning : Because your arse is close to either the vagina or prostate it is very important that you keep your arse clean. You can use wet sterilized cotton wrapped around your little finger to give it a gentle cleaning.


Enema : An enema is basically a surge of water into your arse. The water is then secreted cleaning the arse as it does. You can buy special devices for having enemas. Make sure that the water flows from a position above your arse. Massage your tummy in anti-clockwise in circular motions when the water is going in and massage your tummy clockwise when you are letting the water out. Release the water gradually in small amounts breathing in as you release and exhaling as you tighten. Many will find this a very erotic experience.


Sun Worship Exercise : As sunlight is known to have fantastic germicidal and magickal qualities exposing your arse to its rays will help keep it healthy. Start by exposing your back to the sun. Bend forward placing your hands above your ankles. Feel the sunlight on your arse, and the feel the heat penetrate into your arse tissues. You can find a list of nudist beaches here.


Relaxation Exercises  : These exercises can be done while standing, sitting or lying down. Tighten all the muscles around your arse, and pull them in. It should feel like your whole anal area is being pulled in. Hold this position for as long as it feels comfortable. Then relax pushing your arse out as you breathe deeply. Repeat this at least 81 times. it’s all very cock focused?

Explore the taboo male pleasures of male self-buggery

Confront your greatest fears. Enter into a world of often forbidden male pleasure. A fast path to personal power and profound wisdom, self-buggery. This class includes full nudity and step-by-step explicit erotic touch instruction. In this class you can learn:

• How to prepare for an anal massage
• Techniques for external and internal anal massage including:
• Prostate massage
• Rosebud massage
• Simultaneous genital and anal stimulation
• Use of toys and dildos
• Ecstatic breathing techniques that carry erotic charge throughout your entire body

straight men like to be fucked

My first fuck still seems surreal to me, i was in search for an anal orgasm through prostate stimulation and had disappointing results with a girlfriend. A much more experienced gay friend was talking to me about it and kissed me, id always suspected i was bi but i never had the courage to ask or tell any one about it.

He took off my shirt and pushed me down on the bed slipped my jeans down a bit and inserted his finger in my anus, after a few mins, he took a condom out of his wallet and asked if i had any KY, which i quickly provided. He teased me by inserting a finger and gently pushing his cock gently against my anus, only going in a cm or so. My legs were off the bed around his back, he told me to relax and he moved from gently teasing as he rammed in the whole lot.His hands were holding mine down as he gasped at me not to touch my cock which was burning with desire. It seemed like barly a min but it lasted almost an hour befor i came when he began to wank me off. after that we had a shower together which he taught me the ancient art of sucking a cock. Best day of my life. (Aaron)

Anal Straight Man

Hello Seb, Thanks for your newsletter. Was good to hear from you and find out a bit about what you’ve been up to, so long after I came down to visit. See, I came to you as a hetero young man who wanted to experience anal stimulation.

You did a very good job, opening me up and apparently fitting things inside there that even some regular gay guys can’t fit in; introduced me to your enemagra, and at the same time convinced me that getting turned on by anal stimulation was nothing to be ashamed of as a hetero man. All that was brilliant and I thank you again for being you and making it all such a wonderful, relaxing, normal, experience! Now I am in the situation where I am meeting a female-acquaintance-kind-of-girlfriend next week for a night of fun… she is travelling down from Wales and has invited me to her hotel room. What normally happens is that we grab each other and get down to it, without actually taking the shy long drawn out get to know you foreplay steps that maybe we used to do first.

However I want to take things more slowly, show her that I am making love rather than just into shagging her brains out and, well, I was intrigued by your article on female vaginal massage. It is true that we miss out sensual touching like that in our lovemaking – if she’s not wet enough I’ll get on down there moisten her up, lick like a mad until I reckon she’s about to come then we get down to it. Whereas what we could be doing is just touching, caressing, slowly building up to something..fantastic…So what am I saying? I guess I’m saying thanks for the advice, both when we met and via your articles on your site. Thanks for the original meet – aforementioned girl is cumming around to the idea of stimulating me anally, like you did, which is kinda ironic after I used my experience with you to introduce her to anal sex for the first time! But most importantly I am saying good luck and aw ra best, til we meet again!! Cheers for keeping me on your email list. We met just once, and I  doubt you would remember me without photo or another face to face meet but rest assured I havent forgotten you, or the things you showed me when I came around, Regards, Simon, 26

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